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Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

Join us for our training luncheon featuring Deven Macdonald. He will be speaking about customer service.

About Chick-fil-A:
*The 69-year old family-owned business is now the second-largest quick-service chain in the country.
*Chick-fil-A does more business in its six day week (they’re closed on Sundays) than McDonald’s does in seven.
*Turnover among Chick-fil-A’s 61,000 employees is a third of the industry average.

About Deven:
Deven is an entrepreneur and local business owner with a passion for helping young people to develop critical life skills. The first 14 years of his career were spent in Management of an Identity and Security Management Software company. Eager to find a way to have greater influence, Deven and his wife Brittany moved to St. George 6 years ago with their four children where he has built a local, small business. Deven seeks to promote and demonstrate principles of business, work, service, character and integrity into his activities working with youth in his store, community, and church programs where he is active. He graduated with degrees in Marketing and Business Management from BYU.

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