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St. George Area Chamber of Commerce


Thriving in St. George

St. George and its surrounding area is a truly phenomenal place to grow and thrive either as an individual, family, employee or business.  Northern Utah possesses the lush, verdant Wasatch mountain range while only a mere four hours south of Salt Lake City spectacular red rock mountains surround St. George.  Blessed with nearly year-round sunshine, azure skies filled with towering cumulus clouds and air that is pure, it is no wonder this southwestern corner of the state is experiencing its own renaissance.  National Geographic ranked the St. George area among the top 50 places to live and play in the nation.  St. George’s residential community is exploding while still retaining the spirit of kindness, hard work and strong family values — a legacy of the pioneers who first settled Utah.

Gone are the days of remote opportunities and desert drought as it pertains to St. George’s economic climate.

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St. George is transforming itself into a powerhouse of multifaceted GROWTH in terms of attracting world-class businesses, seekers of higher education, a multitude of outside adventures and an expanding culture.  It’s no longer just the place the summer sun spends the winter, but instead, St. George is evolving into the place people want to call home.

If you are not quite ready to relocate to St. George, consider it for a fabulous travel destination with great weather and a variety of outdoor activities to pursue.  There are 12 challenging golf courses, astonishing landscapes found only in Zion and Bryce National Parks, four state parks, 60 miles of walking and biking trails in and around the city, ghost towns, cactus gardens, historical buildings, photographic opportunities, as well as horseback riding and ATV desert trails to take you off the beaten path.  If pampering is your goal, visit the many top-rated spas, as well as experience excellent dining, shopping, museums and art gallery opportunities available throughout the community.

Southern Utah hosts several world-class events throughout the year.  May is the month in which you’ll find nearly 3,000 athletes competing in running, biking and swimming contests that compose The IRONMAN 70.3/St. George North American Pro Championship.  October brings the only competition in the world in which you must be 50 years of age or older to participate.  It’s the Huntsman World Senior Games that attracts over 11,000 older athletes from all over the world to St. George every fall.  These lifetime athletes bring their sports expertise to a diversity of games and events that include softball, volleyball, basketball, shooting, swimming, pickleball, speed walking, and so many more!  It’s two weeks of Olympic quality sports.

With a vibrant arts scene that includes DOCUTAH Film Festival the first two weeks of September, world famous outdoor Tuacahn Amphitheatre nestled in a red rock canyon, along with smaller venues, such as Dixie State University’s Eccles Theatres, St. George Musical Theatre, Brigham’s Playhouse and the historic Electric Theatre, St. George generously supports its arts community.

The city takes great pride in its dynamic downtown, business-centric community, family friendly culture, world-class healthcare (specializing in cancer, heart and neuroscience services), along with an ever-expanding innovative university.  These civic attributes prove that St. George is fearlessly focused on becoming a destination for any person who values a lifestyle that embraces these qualities.  Whether you are looking to innovate, create, thrive or simply survive, the St. George area is ready and full of endless opportunities for you to explore.  So, join me in coloring outside the prescribed lines of life and enjoy everything our beautiful southern region has to offer.

–Nicole Hancock (Chairman)

St George has been one of the fastest growing communities in the US for the last ten years, the job growth rate is 4.10%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 43.69%.

People relocate to our area for various reasons. It might be because of the excellent quality of life, the many breathtaking scenic areas, the temperate climate, the healthy lifestyles, the variety of beautiful golf courses, our outstanding school system, the Dixie State University education opportunities for all ages, or the growing business opportunities.

House Plans

St George offers innumerable housing developments, from established complete neighborhoods to bring-your-own-builder planned communities, there is absolutely something for everyone.

The high-desert environment allows for nearly any type of home and there is a housing development that will fit your tastes with some of the most popular being on-the-green luxury houses and townhomes.

People relocate to Washington County for various reasons and many retirees buy homes throughout the area. There are many retirement communities and developments exclusive to retirees throughout St. George and Washington County. There are also developments designed for older adults who value independence but desire access to assisted living resources. No matter what your budget or needs are, St. George offers seniors many options to enjoy the extraordinary quality of life, breathtaking scenery, temperate climate, healthy lifestyles, and affordable year-round golf.

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