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St. George Area Chamber of Commerce

2019 City Council Candidates

St. George 2019 City Council Candidate Forum
October 2nd, 7pm at DSU Gardner Center – Open to the Public



Hello, I’m Greg Aldred, I love where we live! I’ve served this community for 38yrs. My father was a County Commissioner back in 1986 and my mother was a nurse. Times have changed. I’m running on what I call the three T’s.  1.Taxes 2.Traffic 3.Term limits. I say, NO NEW TAXES. Terms limits stops career politicians. We need affordable housing, not low income housing. To quote Albert Einstein, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” I’m asking for your vote.    For more info go to Facebook/Greg Aldred. Text 435-632-2807.



I value the people who live in St George who inspire, teach and have become my friends. I offer to all, ‘let’s meet half way’ to communicate, which is the beginning of understanding and friendship. All ideas, points of view, opinions and needs are valuable and will be given my respect and consideration.  It is a great responsibility to listen, study, and then make sound decisions for the city. I take this charge seriously. The goal is to continually move forward, keeping what was given to us by the past as we move into the future.



Ed Baca earned a Bachelors Degree from Cal-State University Fullerton, California, and began his public service career in municipal government serving as a law enforcement officer. Ed enjoyed a second career in county government where he was charged with fiduciary and ministerial responsibilities in caring for the elderly and those deemed unable to care for themselves under court appointed conservatorships. During the course of 50 years of public service Ed has joined with associates in establishing many meaningful public service activities and organizations contributing to the wellbeing of the community including his current city council service.



St. George is where I was born and raised.  This is my home! I currently serve on the city council and  on several boards and commissions for the city. I have learned a lot and hope to put that knowledge to work by serving another term. I am the Owner/ Funeral Director of Hughes Mortuary and own  a small cattle ranch on the Arizona Strip. I understand the challenges faced by business owners. I will continue to seek your input and give my all to serve and keep St George a great place to live. I would appreciate your vote!



I am running as a positive voice for a city with a bright future.  I want to emphasize the importance of LOCAL LIVING including: spending our money in our community, community involvement and volunteerism, knowing our neighbors, listening to every voice, community self-sufficiency, making the long-term health of our citizens and our land a priority, working toward the goal of a secondary/re-use water system for residential and farming use, supporting art, promoting and protecting our vital downtown area, encouraging smart incremental growth, and embracing creative housing ideas that bring beauty to our community and affordable housing to our residents.



Hi, my name is Gregg McArthur and I am running to serve you as your St George City Council representative. My motivation to run stems from a sincere heartfelt desire to serve the people and community that have provided me with so much. Simply put, I’m running to serve. I’m running to make a difference in our city’s future. I’m running because I care. I’m running to ensure that St George will continue be what it has always been – an incredible city in which individuals can happily and safely live, grow and play.


Washington City 2019 City Council Candidate Forum
October 17th, 7pm at Washington Community Center – Open to the Public



My name is Troy Belliston.  I grew up in Southern Utah and have built a wonderful family, a great business, and have strived to serve in one form or another for most of my adult life.  As a young man I swore an oath to serve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States in service to our country and have swore that same oath to serve our community four years ago.  It’s been a true honor to have had the opportunity to serve on the city council over the last four years. I love this community and would appreciate the opportunity to serve again for another term.



I love Washington. I have worked and lived in the Southern Utah area for 19 years. With the current climate of the City growth we need to do it right and plan accordingly. With my 15 years of planning and engineering background, and 2.5 years on planning commission, I can be an asset to the community. As the father of 3 very active boys, I look at them often and wonder about their future. Will our town be better for them than it was for me? I want to make sure that our community continues thriving well into the future.



Asking for your vote is not something that I take lightly. With a lifetime of service and experience as a local teacher, business owner and community leader, I will serve with no conflicts. Conservative common sense, hard work and genuine devotion is what you can expect. Growth, Water and Power Rates are my priorities. Please visit my Website at, View Endorsements and Watch 20 Videos. Some of their titles are: Leadership, Business, Pros Cons, Water, Memorial Day Speech, Veterans, Commitment, Common Sense, Conservative, Apprised, and Why. My duty will be dictated by, “Not being right, but Doing right!



There are many reasons why I am running and they are found on the Core Objectives page of my site, Please visit the site to learn more about me and what I would like to accomplish while in office in Washington City.




I’m running because I believe we can do better. I served on the planning commission and a term on the council before choosing to take a break so others could serve, hopeful Washington City was on course. However, since then I’ve witnessed budgets enlarged, citizens’ voices over an off-ramp and zone changes dismissed, flooding issues remain unresolved, and government roll forward unchecked. It’s time to get back to representing people and their concerns first. It’s time to plan for the future and balance growth with the best interest of citizens at heart. It’s time we do better.



I first got my start with Washington City as a volunteer in 2013, which lead to a job at the Washington City Community Center as the Events Coordinator. I currently serve on the board for the St George Area Chamber of Commerce. In running for city council I want to be involved with current and future developments while also being wise with our city budget. I want to hear our communities concerns and constructive ideas. Community Connection is really important to me and I want to make sure our community is more connected between its citizens and city.

Ivins 2019 City Council Candidate Forum
Please Check with the City of Ivins for place & time


My goal for running for Ivins City Council is simple: to preserve a QUALITY of LIFE that is quickly fading in nearby towns and cities. I support the following: 1. Sustainable Growth to maintain and enforce the dark sky initiative, conserve water resources, and protect our unique view shed. 2. Affordable Housing limit two story town homes and encourage plans for single level housing. 3. Stable Revenue and Budget continue policy of fiscal restraint, continue responsible planning, and continue to provide quality services. I look forward to earning your vote.


I am running because I am concerned about our path forward as a city. While growth is important, I see our challenge as: how can we pursue responsible development decisions in compliance with the established guidelines, while preserving the character and atmosphere of Ivins? We need people on City Council who listen to the citizens, are thoughtful in considering all potential solutions to challenges, and can develop a plan to correct the situation. I’ve spent my career as an engineer; I am creative, I work hard, I’m smart, and I listen intently. I would appreciate your support in the election.


I was born, raised, and have lived in Ivins for over 45 years. I have a great love for my community and have served in many ways including: volunteer fire fighter (over 20 years), school volunteer, Heritage Days committee member, Historical Society board member, and presently serving as a member of the Ivins City Council. My reason for running for re election is to continue serving my community and helping preserve the things that make this place so spectacular and special. I have truly tried to make decisions that will best benefit the entire community now and in the future.



I am Derek Larsen, and 14 years ago, my wife Andrea and I decided to move to Southern Utah and settled in Ivins, drawn to family friendly neighborhoods and amazing views. We are raising our children here and love the small town atmosphere. After starting and growing a successful business I feel inclined to give back to the community that we have grown to love. I believe most problems can and should be solved on the neighborhood level. I hope to be able to assist in smart growth that builds on the heritage and family friendly neighborhoods that attracted me to Ivins.


Dennis Mehr (Incumbent) has lived in Ivins for 13 years where he has taken an active part in the community through service on Ivins City Council (2016 present), the Planning Commission (2008 2011) as well as other volunteer opportunities. Dennis works in healthcare administration. He is employed by Intermountain Healthcare’s Medical Group to oversee outpatient clinics including behavioral health, pediatrics and women’s services. He graduated from BYU earning a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He and his wife, Stacie, are the parents of 7 children. They enjoy time with family and the beautiful outdoors.



David Robinson was born and raised in Utah. He has spent his life in construction and mechanical. He built many custom cars and trucks. some of which attained top awards in the ISCA auto circuit. David attained a General Contractor license and built several homes. Currently, he owns a repair facility in St George working on cars, boats, recreational vehicles, and construction equipment.David met his wife Tammara in 1992 and soon after relocated to Southern Utah. This was a fresh start in what they referred to as their “permanent vacation spot.” for the last 24 years they chose to live, work and raise three children in Ivins.


Santa Clara 2019 City Council Candidate Forum
October 24th, 6pm at Santa Clara City Hall – Open to the Public


Fourteen year resident of Santa Clara and business owner. I have chosen to run for City Council because: Recent decisions indicate the voices of residents are often disregarded in favor of monetary gain. While growth is inevitable, it should be managed in a conservative manner, preserving quality of life and access to open spaces. Growth has produced a large surplus which is being invested. I see this as an opportunity to reduce taxes to the citizens of Santa Clara. Government by the has people has become a forgotten concept. I pledge to listen and represent the people of Santa Clara.


I am a Fifth Generation resident of Santa Clara who is raising my family in the town I love. I have been a small business owner in Santa Clara for over 20 years and have spent many rewarding hours volunteering here. I love this community and I would like to continue serving my neighbors in a more direct capacity as your City Councilor. I am interested in working to provide a positive environment for small businesses to thrive in while maintaining a safe community where parents will continue to feel confident in raising their young families.

Working for a family owned development company designing residential subdivisions and commercial sites, I’ve gained knowledge and interest in how cities work. This interest has created my desire to run for City Council. I believe that growth should be guided in our city so that we keep the charm of Santa Clara. I believe that Santa Clara Drive needs to be protected so it maintains its small town feel and walkability, as growth on old highway 91 in Ivins increases. I believe that citizens of Santa Clara should have better access to the information being presented at public meetings.


I am Dennis “Denny” Drake. I am a strong advocate of Southern Utah and especially Santa Clara. I have served on the Planning Commission, as a member of the City Council, and as Mayor of Santa Clara. I have served as a Washington County Commissioner and on a number of county and state boards, such as the governor appointed Community Impact Board. I am familiar with the issues facing our rapidly growing community and feel I can serve the citizens of Santa Clara well. I am conservative by nature and a believer in smart planning. I need your vote.

I am excited to run for city council to work with the community in honoring our heritage, but also providing a prosperous future for our children. I believe different viewpoints strengthen any community and as the only female candidate I bring a different perspective. I believe there is a responsibility to be good financial stewards and diversify our tax base to minimize the burden on our residents. I would like to strategize with partners to find a workable solution for affordable housing, and I want to promote activities that support a safe and healthy community and enhance quality of life.


I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the Santa Clara City Council the last four years, and truly feel I have made a positive difference in our community. I completed my campaign pledge to improve the city’s social media presence, and have helped citizens with their traffic concerns, the condition of their roads, and the impacts of development near them. I’m concerned about future energy costs and sources in Santa Clara, potential tax and fee increases, and how our community will be shaped as the last few parcels are developed. I hold conservative values and have a well balanced approach to issues.