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St. George Area Chamber of Commerce


Washington County is endowed with mild, low humidity winters with over 300 sunny days per year and is consistently listed as one of the best places to live and retire in the United States.

St. George is located in the southwest corner of Utah just off Interstate 15. St. George, the county seat, is also the county’s largest city with over 85,000 residents. Washington County population is estimated to be over 164,000 and growing. The St. George/Washington County area is nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by impressive sandstone cliffs. The backdrop is breathtaking with blue skies, clean air, and a friendly business environment which attracts over two million international visitors annually.

The desert climate, with an elevation of 2,760 feet, promotes year-round recreation and leisure activities, which includes ten championship golf courses. Washington County is one of the fastest growing areas in Utah and is expected to remain so well into the future.

This scenic area not only provides easy access to major markets of the western United States, it has become a destination point for countless people and businesses looking for a better way of life and more fruitful atmosphere for growth and prosperity.

With our mild weather, beautiful scenic areas, a progressive business atmosphere, an educated and work-orientated workforce, plus great “quality of life” incentives, the St. George/Washington County area can fulfill your business needs. In this information age, it is possible to live in areas free from heavy traffic, crime and crowded conditions.

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St. George     approx. 85,000
Washington Co.     approx. 164,000


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